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Three artists examine their relationship with the materials of the world of art.

October 10th through November 21, 2015



Otis Street Arts Project is know for creating a warm, open, creative vibe at excting arts events in Mount Rainier, Maryland, a major hotspot for the arts in the DMV. e exhibition, Co-Exist curated by the incomparable DC arts maven, curator, impressario, life coach, and recipient of the WPA Alice Denny Award, Molly Ruppert furthers that reputation. With her deep connection to the DC Arts Community, Ruppert nds and brings together 3 unique artists bringing an enriching touch to their chosen media.


Glenn Richardson- Carves sculptures from fallen trees
Eric Celarier- Creates sculptures with found, made, and natural materials.
Albert Schweitzer - Recreates society with paint on canvas

Co-Exist looks at the way three artists examine their world using different materials to create works to express their inner vision


Albert Schweitzer’s paintings use color and image to show human emotions of fear, jealousy, hope, and joy. He exults in the world’s humanity and “the flux between life and death”.


Eric Celarier makes beautiful, elegant sculptures out of our trash. His use of spent electronics mixed with elements of nature and other garbage uncovers “hidden aesthetics”


Glenn Richardson sculpts with a chainsaw. His work begins with the wood which is from fallen tress or trees discarded by society to make room for progress. His work shows a depth of feeling about social issues such as gun violence though he is interested in the weird and playful as well.


Otis Street Arts Project serves as artist studios, exhibition space, and a creative incubator for those interested in a dynamic, supportive, and community oriented work environment of professional artists. eir focus on energizing quality arts programming, commited and active artists, and an engagement with the arts community has added to the growing vitality of the Gateway Arts District burgeoning just over the DC line in Mount Rainier, MD 

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