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Ebtisam Abdulaziz

Ebtisam Abdulaziz is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. She explores issues of

identity and culture through installation, performance, mixed-media, painting and

works on paper. Combining the scientific with the arbitrary, Abdulaziz draws from her

training in science and mathematics, methodically exploring subconscious states and

the expansiveness of daily life. She creates codes, systematic structures, graphic

language, and performative gestures to force viewers to question their assumptions

about rules in the natural and formulaic world. The intimate juxtapositions of these

concepts center awareness on our surrounding environment and the issues that

perplex and shape us. Website

Jason web.jpeg

Jason Bulluck

Jason Bulluck is a conceptual artist, writer, and teacher living in Washington, DC, and working in both DC and Chicago. His work explores encounters of critical geography, Buddhism and Black, Feminist, and Queer liberatory thought and praxis. Recent projects include sculpture and installation that invite audiences to participate in these discourses through material engagements, digital provocations, performance, and writing.Website

Stephanie cobb.png

Stephanie Cobb

Stephanie Cobb (b. 1992, Bowling Green, Kentucky) received her M.F.A in studio art at LSU College of Art + Design and her B.F.A. in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has focused her professional experience in museums, nonprofit organizations, and teaching experience in the art and science fields. Website

COLE MCINTURFF Sable palm.jpg

CeCi Cole McInturff

Artist Ceci Cole McInturff works in writing, sculpture, hand-formed paper, narrative installation, and book objects. She holds an MFA in Art and Visual Technology from George Mason University, studied two years in the MA/Art and the Book program of the Corcoran College of Art+Design, is a former executive with the CBS Television Network, and the mother of two sons.


chris combs webone-to-many-20210829-IMG_1630.jpeg

Chris Combs

Chris Combs's artworks respond to pressing themes of surveillance, artificial intelligence, and algorithmic failure—and to the viewer, using facial recognition and motion sensing. Chris Combs's sculptures address changes in our built technology environment—changes which often occur before we understand their implications. His artwork makes these macro-scale changes tangible, letting us consider them anew.



Elizabeth Curren

Elizabeth Curren is a book artist, watercolor painter, writer and teacher with degrees in literature from Boston College and in art from the Corcoran College of Art + Design; she received her MA from the Corcoran’s Art and the Book Program in 2013.


Art drauglis.jpg

Art Drauglis

Art Drauglis is Washington, DC based furniture artisan and woodworker. Â For the past fifteen years he has created handcrafted furniture for homes and businesses. Â He is also the creator of Langdon Wood Barrel Aged Maple Syrup.


Turtle 2_Lee_edited.jpg

Kendra Lee

"Kendra Lee (b. 1987) is known as Kay Lee. She is a muralist, illustrator, and a visual artist. She learns through experiences and trying different approaches to her artwork. She enjoys creating paintings using thick acrylic paints with palette knives and visible brush strokes. A lot of her inspiration is driven from her connection to family and her fascination with animals. The passion behind her work allows her to create appealing and yet emotional pieces. Kay Lee has always been told, she has a story worth sharing, and her artwork is her way of doing that with the world. "


Cryotron 2.JPG

Liz Lescault

Liz Lescault is an accomplished ceramic artist known for her distinctive vessel forms and her mastery of fiery red and luscious tangerine glazes. Her work has evolved from organic vessel forms into purer sculptural shapes. Her sculptures continue to reflect her mastery and exploration of sensual form in a complex and naturalistic realm and dare the viewer to recognize where their inspiration originated.



Kirsty Little

Sculptress and Art activist Kirsty Little strives to find honest organic movement in both spheres. Formerly a Circus Aerialist based in the UK for two decades, a sudden move to USA in 2011 left her finding her way into the art world and changing her style of creativity. Her artwork is inspired by motherhood, womankind, and raising the profile of the struggling environment.



Shelley Lowenstein

Shelley Lowenstein (aka mosklow) is a keen observer of people and places. She has a passion for capturing moments. She focuses on gesture, and delights in exploring the relationships between her figures, how they look, how they stand. Using the interplay of light and shadow, she paints scenes that hit the pause button on the hustle of everyday life.


Beck McFall copy_edited.jpg

Becky McFall

Becky McFall is a DC artist who specializes in Portraiture, Mixed Media, Mobiles, and Biology-Inspired Art. Her work often uses natural and recycled materials. She challenges herself to work outside her comfort zone, experimenting with combining materials as well as exploring three-dimensional space. She aims for her art to be thought provoking, especially as she delves into the unseen wonders within the natural world, working from microscopic photography and biology texts. 



Lisa Rosenstein

Life is chaotic, complex, noisy, and at times painfully full. Lisa's art  creates a space of contemplation, solitude, and a visual opportunity for slowing down.



Gloria Vasquez

Gloria Vasquez has realized many of her life goals by utilizing resources at her disposal in unexpected ways. Texan, Catholic, Mexican, matriarchal and mathematical are a few of the influences that define her character.


WQPS4785 copy.jpg

David Mordini

David Mordini is co-founder and director of Otis Street Arts Project. He creates social commentary through object-based installation art. The artist is inspired by punk, dark humor, camp and posthumanism.


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