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Congratulations Jasmine Adams!
Recipient of the April - June Studio Residency 

Thank you to everyone who applied for our April residency. This is such a competitive residency and it is not a reflection on the artists or their work if they were not chosen. We encourage artists to continue seeking opportunities and finding inspiration. Our next residency will be July - September. Keep an eye out for deadlines.

Jasmine Adams (b. 1993, Silver Spring, MD) is a Prince George's County-based painter, photographer, and digital artist who seeks to unveil the controversial journey one takes to discover their identity. Fueled by images from her imagination and everyday life, Adams in practice creates imagery that allows the Black American experience to speak on a grand scale through portraiture. Adams has received her BA in Studio Arts from Morgan State University, and has exhibited in JELMA Museum (2021), Truro Center for the Arts (2022), and Gallery CA (2024).

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